About Us

ABout 2MG

2 Masks and a Griot (2MG) Theatre Company is a theatre and live outdoors production and literary expression outfit. The company’s main thrust is the development and promotion of new works of literature and creative expression from a Black Diaspora perspective and for the promotion of constructive values for life.


2MG is based in Abuja, Nigeria’s relatively new Federal Capital Territory. Despite the rich cultures dotting the country, Abuja’s reputation as a ‘culture desert land’ has long been established. It did not evolve as our culturally celebrated centres like Ibadan, Lagos, Benin and Kano. This owes mostly to the governmental decree that arbitrarily assigned the land in the centre of the country as a non-descript capital for the sake of ‘equity’. Abuja has emerged now as one of the world’s fastest growing cities but it lacks sorely in a culture of its own. In the last decade or so, however, we have observed a growing need for Abuja to define a modern-day Nigerian cultural identity. With families beginning to settle down, rather than bread-winners commuting to work here, and with children becoming young adults in a vastly multi-social but culture-neutral space with improving broadband access, has arisen a curiosity about what defines the community of one of Africa’s most important Cities.


2MG is pioneering this new creative inquisition into cultural expression. For more than 10 years, we have been researching and coaxing creative expression from the shadows and there have been many encouraging signs of awakening. Our focus has also been on building up an Audience Base of art lovers as well as introducing the performing arts and live-outdoors to many in the city. This audience development drive has had an impact in the awareness that Abujans have and the new interest in the arts that we are seeing now. 2 Masks & a Griot Theatre aims specifically to take advantage of the burgeoning market for sophisticated entertainment in Abuja and the nation as a whole, by bringing a living heritage offer to a city in desperate need to connect with where everyone has come from. The company is also primed as a hub for cultural and social exchange on and off the continent. Over the years, we have taken care to prepare the grounds for the rebirth of the classy live outdoors in Nigeria and with professional approaches to theatre, 2MG is set to take African art forms and cultural expressions to new heights.

At 2MG, we are big on building communities of theatre in order to support the development and promotion of culture and art. Our goals also centre on promoting a new generation of literary artists and relevant works. These goals include:

1) Emplacing an annual International Festival of Theatre out of Africa

2) Building ‘communities of theatre’ which support the development and promotion of culture and art for the sake of improved lifestyles

3) Incubating and promoting a new generation of literary artists and relevant works for appreciation through performance and publishing

4) Establishment of a Cultural Exchange Programme


Our Offerings

1) TRAINING With many years of teaching experience in speech making, script and screenwriting, performance and dance as well as speech, voice and elocution, 2MG brings much-needed skills not only to industry professionals but other corporate players too.

2) THEATRE FOR DEVELOPMENTTheatre as a tool for social development cannot be overlooked. Southern and Eastern African countries have used this medium effectively for the dissemination of information on HIV/AIDS, Cholera and Malaria, etc. this packaged is offered to Governmental and Non-Governmental Agencies and International development partners doing development work in Nigeria

3) 2MG ACADEMYThe 2MG Academy provides creative development workshops and training designed to meet skill-specific needs for writers, actors, administrators and technical hands desirous of developing and improving their skill set. Visit our website for more information.

4) CHILDREN’S THEATRE2MG children’s theatre is designed to introduce a new generation off to the theatre and to educate them on the fun and discipline of theatre. It is a family friendly theatre performed by children and youth and also geared to develop the theatrical skills of potential performers.

5) INTERNSHIPS2MG Internship Program provides individuals with valuable insight, mentorship, knowledge and hands-on experience in all aspects of the theatre, to bridge the gap between academic education and practise.

6) COMMAND PERFORMANCES (COMMISSIONED PACKAGED/BESPOKE THEATRE FOR SMALLER AUDIENCES/EVENTS)These are designed performances for corporate and bespoke events such as command performances, retreats, AGMs and corporate retreats. It is also designed for individuals who can appreciate good theatre and can take place in the cosiness of a home or the offices of an organisation.

7) CULTURE CLASSES (DANCE, LANGUAGE, COOKING)To foster cultural understanding and diversity amongst peoples and nations, 2MG provides culture classes in dance, language, cooking and cultural exchange programmes with individuals, international theatres and art institutes using the platform of educational art forms.

8) THEATRE CONSULTING2MG has taken care to master the very peculiar skills of theatre administration and continues to improve these skill-sets. We make this expertise available to persons, groups and bodies that employ any form of drama in their operations