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One Chance in Mararaba

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A conman’s car breaks down on the side of the road in a rough Nigerian suburb and all the devils he battles with, finally have him where they want him. His hilarious encounters with curious characters by day and wily wanderers of the night would be truly horrific, if they weren’t so funny! However, it is the demons he thought were long buried in his past, that come out of the creeks of the Niger Delta to confront him at the lowest point in his city life. Encountering the ‘spirit’ of his mother and the hard choices Najite has to make on this night in December, will determine whether he finds redemption from trouble or disappears into a black hole. One Chance in Mararaba is a comedy about a desperate man in a horrible mess and the story of beating the odds in Nigeria.

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Genre: Drama
Director: Chidi Ukwu
Cast: Jackline Assenga / Desmond Okiei / Christie Kantiok / Audu 'Energy' Uloko / Benjamin Ijeomah / Ezra Bobai


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